Tax law

All areas of the legal system and economic activity are affected by questions relating to tax law; sooner of later, all legally-relevant transactions will have tax consequences. This applies equally to businesses and private individuals.

In all fields of law covered by our advisory services, in particular civil law, tax law is an accompanying branch of law that cannot therefore be neglected. For this reason, we make a point of giving tax-related matters due consideration at an early stage of our daily consulting activities.

The increasing complexity of tax law and the rapidly changing economic and legal environment in particular are increasing the risk involved with virtually all forms of plans, whether they are in the commercial or the private sphere. In view of these developments, foresighted tax planning can not only help minimise the tax risk, but also generates economic value added.

We advise private clients on succession planning as well as on the fiscal planning of their other private affairs. In the business segment, we advise our clients on all aspects of tax law.

Furthermore, we can also help you with tax assessment, tax collection and appeal proceedings against the tax authorities and in court. This includes obtaining tax rulings at both cantonal and national level.

Since cross-border solutions are often necessary, ME Advocat Attorneys at Law can also advise you on international tax law by drawing on the expertise of our overseas partners.