Health Law

Health law includes all areas of law related to the topic of "health". Accordingly, health law is an intersection of different legal areas. In addition to medical law, which mainly concerns legal issues in the relationship between doctor and patient, health law deals with issues from the social insurance law, liability law or legal remedies and in the field of (public) corporate governance. In the field of health law we advise and represent public administration, public and private institutions and individuals.

For institutions, we also offer the service of outsourced legal services. Our experienced attorneys are on call for all legal matters, which occur for example daily in a hospital. 


The various actors benefit from our expertise in consulting and services in the following areas:

  • Patients´ rights (rights and duties of patients in a treatment)
  • Social insurance law (KVG, LAA, IVG, MVG)
  • tariff law
  • Drug law (Approvals of remedies, etc.)
  • Advice in connection with clinical trials
  • Health Police (issues related to professional exercise and operating permits)
  • Submission law
  • (public) data protection law (in particular issues related to patient data)
  • (public) labor law
  • Liability law (Malpractice in treatment failures)
  • Contract law (including employment contracts, clinical trial agreements, sponsorship agreements, IT contracts, etc.)
  • (Public) Corporate Governance and Compliance (advice in connection with corporate governance)
  • Risk management (analysis and review of liability risks)
  • Criminal law (criminal defence in connection with treatment failures)