Corporate and commercial law

Within the framework of company formation or the restructuring of existing companies, we comprehensively advise our clients on all matters relating to corporate and commercial law and help them to find the right company or organisational form (public limited companies, private limited companies, civil partnerships, associations and foundations) for their company. Our activities in the field of commercial law encompass the provision of help and advice when conducting a whole host of transactions as well as the preparation of corresponding draft agreements (e.g. marketing, agency, cooperation agreements, etc.)


Our clients benefit from our expertise in the following areas in particular:

  • Company formation (incl. the requisite public registrations)
  • Amendments of articles of association, capital increases and decreases (incl. the requisite public registrations)
  • Reorganisation and restructuring (fusions, splits, changes in corporate form or capital transfers) of companies
  • Organisational and managerial rules
  • Shareholder commitment contracts Cash pooling
  • Compliance and whistleblowing
  • Administration of companies (by collaboration with ME Services AG)
  • Purchase and sale of enterprises and divisions (legal due diligence, negotiation and drafting of contracts of sale)
  • Provision of advice and forensic support in the course of directors' and officers' liability lawsuits and in cases of white-collar crime
  • Competition law and law against unfair trade practices