Advisory services

Owing to their practical experience and academic backgrounds, our specialists have in-depth knowledge as to a variety of different industries at their disposal, enabling us to provide our clients with comprehensive advice to ensure that they are able to take the measures that fit their specific needs. The aim of our advisory services is to make complex issues simpler and to help you to implement your goals efficiently.


Our advisory services include the following areas in particular:

  • Corporate finance: Advice on collaborations, strategic alliances, fusions, mergers and acquisitions, management buyouts
  • Corporate governance: Management, strategy and organisational consulting from a legal perspective
  • Whistleblowing: Implementation of in-house whistleblowing systems Liquidation and insolvency mandates
  • Out-of-court insolvency mandates
  • Insolvency administration mandates
  • Financial reorganisation and restructuring of companies
  • Relocation of private individuals and companies to Switzerland